Welcome to

Avant Equities

We are partners with decades of real estate experience who came came together to create a premier Real Estate Acquisition and Property Management firm operating in the Tri-state area.

Our portfolio consists of both commercial and residential properties based on a streamlined business model and spanning a wide range of prospects.

Offices & Warehouses

Avant Equities provides highly functional, accessible commercial spaces. From small operations to major logistical systems, we ensure our spaces are ideal to run your business smoothly. Our flexible lease options allow your space to grow with your business.

Residential & Multifamily

A landlord you can finally trust. We understand our tentants’ needs and aim to make your life simpler and more comfortable. Our units are clean, safe, well-lit, and efficiently run for an optimal living experience.

Maintenance & Management

In addition to our own, Avant Equities manages other independently owned properties and portfolios. We take the hassle out of property ownership; handling rent, repairs, and everything in between so you can focus on the profits.

What we Do

Tenants First

Our focus is always on our tenants’ needs and giving them a comfortable living or working experience. Maintenance and repairs on our properties are geared toward long-term durability, never compromising on quality.


Tenant Services

Contact us with any questions or concerns regarding your rental unit.